Raw Food Yoga Retreats

Ashtanga Yoga, Living foods, & Incredible nature

Casa Verde Raw Yoga Hiking Retreat is an exclusive small capacity Forest Lodge (2 guest rooms) offering On-going personalized Lifestyle Retreats. We serve discerning guests a unique and healing combination of an Ashtanga Yoga Intensive coupled with a delicious Cleansing Raw Vegan Diet, daily Hiking Adventures and inspiring Evening Discussions in the magnificent Cloud Forest of Ecuador.

While you leave your alarm clocks, over-scheduled, noisy, modern lives behind, you will slip back into the natural circadian rhythms of your birthright in our Pristine Location. Retreat, relax, rest, repair, renew, re-discover and replenish your most original self. We host no more than 3 guests at any given time. You can count on unparalleled attention and privacy.

Our Daily program includes:

OUR DIET: We offer a 100% RAW plant-based, nutritionally balanced, alkaline diet of locally grown tropical fruits, sprouts, veggies, nuts and seeds prepared in simple yet delicious recipes. Our meal plan is supremely nourishing, cleansing and ultimately very satisfying.

Some guests may want to add water fasting days to their retreat.

If you need to lose weight, you can expect to shed pounds effortlessly. If you are already at your perfect weight, it will remain stable. Everyone can expect to cleanse environmental toxins, leaving you feeling light and bright.

ECO ACTIVITIES: Include daily nature walks and hikes in pristine cloud forests with sparkling rivers and waterfalls. Local tour operators offer river tubing, canopy zip-line, butterfly and orchid farms at extra cost. The area is known world wide for birding.

Afternoons are open to help in the garden, chill in a hammock, read, write, draw, meditate and nap. Relaxing Thai Massages are available at reasonable rates.

BENEFITS: You will love your stay here, returning to your home leaner, cleaner, lighter, brighter, stronger, more FIT, re-booted, rejuvenated and enthused. Use your retreat as a springboard to a healthier, greener, yogic lifestyle! This is far more than a vacation, it’s a transformation!

Each retreat includes a preliminary consultation to insure your experience is personalized for maximum results and regeneration.

YOUR INVESTMENT in your total well-being is $1,750, 7 nights with a free massage, all-inclusive except for transport. We gladly extend a 10% credit on extra nights. We recommend a transformational 10 night retreat ($2,425).

Retreats are exclusive, personalized, one on one and on-going, choose the perfect time and come. We kindly request a 50% deposit to hold your reservation. Sorry no refunds, no exceptions. We will credit your deposit towards a future retreat and it is good up to 6 months with a $300 re-booking fee.

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GETTING HERE: Fly into Quito (UIO). The airport is one hour east of the Capital City. Flights may arrive late night. We can recommend a hotel to stay at near the airport, or you can choose your own in Quito. Depending on your flight, the following morning we will arrange taxi pickup to our property (an Amazing 3 hour drive thru the Andes) arriving at Casa Verde Raw Yoga Hiking Retreat mid-day. Since many flights leave Ecuador early morning, you may need to spend the night near the airport on your return as well. Please keep this in mind while planning your trip.